Come Vibe Zen with us in a

World of Color

Chakra Workshop


Taught by Mary Snyder

Sunday, November 11th

1:30pm - 3:30pm


Cost $40.00


Saturday, November 10th, 2018


This is a FREE event!
This event is for those who aspire to enjoy the fun and vibe of Kirtan and for those who wish to enhance their Yoga practice with chanting and music! Kirtan helps to open the voice and teaches us to love the sound that comes from our bodies.

*What is kirtan?
Originating with the medieval devotional practice known as Bhakti yoga, kirtan is in Indian tradition of call-and-response vocal music, often accompanied by a variety of instruments. Traditional accompaniments include the harmonium and tabla drums. Today, kirtan is still usually sung in Sanskrit.
What are kirtan songs like?

Kirtan songs are simple, repetitive chants. Some can last as long as half as hour. The artist leading the kirtan (the name also refers to the live music event) starts out. Then, the listeners "respond" to his or her "call." Songs often get louder and faster as the chant goes on. Most are based around mantras (sounds, words or phrases believed to have spiritual meaning).

What is the environment at a kirtan concert?

Some Western students might be surprised when they attend a kirtan event. Since each audience member participates in the chanting, distinction between performers and audience is minimal. You sit on the floor (on in a chair if you prefer). Many kirtan-goers contend that the experience of being at an event is like meditation, in that it is intensely peaceful and relaxing.

Going to a kirtan event is a great way to explore meditation from a different perspective. If you are social, love music, or both, this can be a good introduction to it.

*Definition from 

This lesson can best be described as an introduction to the 7 Chakras where you and your classmates will be personally guided by Mary as you spend a 2 hour session to learn & develop the valuable tools and techniques for working with your chakras ~ Come Vibe Zen with us in a World of Color!! Following a short energy-balancing and centering practice to key into your own inner guidance through the use of color imagery and a guided chakra meditation, Mary will then break down each of the 7 main chakras based on color alongside their physical, emotional and energetic properties. Students will learn yogic postures and energetic tools and quick practices for clearing and balancing each of the 7 chakras as they become more vibrationally aware and empowered for self-healing. So please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 11th, 2018 from 1:30pm-3:30pm(approximate length, as there will be ample time afterwards for optional discussion and Q&A🤓👍) **Cost is $40 and registration is officially open and available for your enrollment - either online or in-studio ~ Please take advantage of a special $10 discount for referring friends NEW to the studio! **Registered participants will each receive a chakra gemstone keychain handmade by Shipwrecked Vibes, LLC, along with a laminated and detailed Chakra chart. For those interested in learning more about what to expect upon attending Mary''s workshop - please stay-tuned for additional information and a more detailed description in the coming days!

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