Enhance Your Meditation- Level 2

Self-massage & Guided Meditation Workshop

Learn How to Meditate to Improve Your Life- Level 1

Taught by Joe Charsagua,

E-RYT 200 and American Meditation Society Meditation Teacher

6 CEU's for this course


August 11th, August 25th and September 1st


An Enhance Your Meditation (Level 2) class series will be offered at Garden of Zen Yoga Studio 
for anyone who has completed the Learn to Meditate (Level 1)
 workshop taught by Joe Charsagua.
 You will learn new meditation techniques which will 
provide additional balance and expansion of your 
meditation experience.

The benefits that a regular meditation offers include: 

 Calm the emotions - experience tranquility 
 Deeply experience life in the present moment 
 Expand awareness of connection to all living beings 
 Improve the quality of everyday life 
 Develop inner strength
 Enhance understanding and acceptance of others 
 Increase awareness of your unique spiritual journey 

In addition to the above, deepening your meditation practice will enhance ways of reaching and directly experiencing the depths of who you truly are. These meditation practices take you beyond identification with the limited, conditioned mind and into your heart. Practices w ill be taught step-by-step, and practiced individually and collectively similar to the methodology in the Learn to Meditate (Level 1) classes. Completion of Enhance Your Meditation (Level 2) meditation training allows for application for individualized prescribed meditation techniques from the American Meditation Society.

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Sunday, May 20th

3:00pm - 5:00pm 

Taught by Laurie Andrews, LMT

​Cost $30.00

Through Laurie’s workshop, as well as through her weekly Sunday classes that follow the workshop weekend - students will gain vital life-enhancing knowledge and hands-on training to develop the skills necessary for self-healing and promoting a profoundly deep level of relaxation and release of tension to greatly improve general health and well-being. 

Meditation is a deeply personal practice that requires sincerely dedicated attention and exactly just that - practice!! 

But - coupled with Laurie’s guidance as a licensed Massage and Relaxation Therapist with over two decades of expertise in the field - students will learn and hone various tools and techniques for not only deepening their own personal meditation practice, but also for the purpose of developing a greater overall awareness of self - mind, body & spirit - to then better be able to discern and heed the physical, metabolic, and emotional signals of the mind and body that are seeking our conscious attention. 

We each are born with simply incredible energies for healing - and thus the ability to access and tap into these amazingly powerful energies in order to promote the healing of self/for vastly improving our own overall sense of health and wellness - mind, body & spirit - lies within us all!! 

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Regular classes start on Sunday, June 3rd. 
The Self-Massage class will be 3:00pm-4:00pm
and the Guided Meditation class be 4:15pm-5:15pm,
both every Sunday.
Your regular membership or class pass will cover the cost of these
regular scheduled classes.

Taught by Joe Charsagua,

E-RYT 200 and American Meditation Society Meditation Teacher

6 CEU's for this course


June 9th, June 16th and July 21st

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Meditation can help!
An introductory class will be held at
Garden of Zen Yoga Studio to 
teach basic meditation skills. There will be three sessions
that will focus on how to meditate effortlessly. This is a foundational class for further instruction as well as a stand alone class for beginners. 
Meditation training will include learning: 
~Basic breath and mantra meditation emphasizing
correct technique
~ Becoming the observer of thoughts 
~ Understanding the meditative process
 Class will be limited to 10 students 
The American Meditation Society (AMS) was founded in 1976 and is a non-sectarian, educational organization. For more information about AMS, please visit our website at www.AmericanMeditationSociety.org 

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