Enhance Your Meditation Level 2
Starts Saturday, July 13th  3:30-5:00pm and
Sundays July 28th and August 4th
 at 1:00pm - 3:30pm 
Cost $80.00 for the 3 part series
6 CEU's provided for this course

Taught by Joe Charsagua, E-RYT 200, RYT500, YACEP
and American Meditation Society Meditation Teacher

An Enhance Your Meditation (Level 2) class series will be offered 
for anyone who has completed the Learn to Meditate (Level 1)
 workshop taught by Joe Charsagua.

An Enhance Your Meditation (Level 2) class series will be offered at Garden of Zen Yoga Studio 
for anyone who has completed the Learn to Meditate (Level 1)
 workshop taught by Joe Charsagua.
 You will learn new meditation techniques which will 
provide additional balance and expansion of your 
meditation experience.
The benefits that a regular meditation offers include: 

 Calm the emotions - experience tranquility 
 Deeply experience life in the present moment 
 Expand awareness of connection to all living beings 
 Improve the quality of everyday life 
 Develop inner strength
 Enhance understanding and acceptance of others 
 Increase awareness of your unique spiritual journey In addition to the above, deepening your meditation practice will enhance ways of reaching and directly experiencing the depths of who you truly are. These meditation practices take you beyond identification with the limited, conditioned mind and into your heart. Practices w ill be taught step-by-step, and practiced individually and collectively similar to the methodology in the Learn to Meditate (Level 1) classes. Completion of Enhance Your Meditation (Level 2) meditation training allows for application for individualized prescribed meditation techniques from the American Meditation Society.
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Ageless Beauty Workshop

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Cost $40.00

What does it mean “beauty comes from within?” Stress and aging bring challenges and manifests in our body as issues with circulation, inflammation, fluid stagnation, and more. The lymphatic system often underlies these issues. The lymph system is critical for the functions of immunity, nourishment, detoxification, and more.
Please join Heather Wetzel RH, Med, MSAP for an afternoon of self-care where we will explore easy, safe, effective and natural health enhancing and age defying techniques for lymphatic system care. It’ll include herbal remedies and Gua Sha facial massage. We’ll focus on the face, head, neck, and upper body. These strategies can improve complexion, skin and muscle tone, fluid balance, mood, and even nerve and brain function. All without the use of toxic drugs, expensive topicals, injections, or surgery!

Please pay directly to Heather's PayPal Account Link Below
or you may pay cash or check at the studio.

​Heather Wetzel, Med, RH, MSAP weaves over a decade of experience as a clinical herbalist together with the cutting-edge bioenergetic technology of the Qest4 system. She offers clients safe, natural, and holistic health care for an integrated mind, body, and spirit! Her practice is located at The Elderberry Community Herbs and Healing where she is the apothecary manager. Herbal education continues to be a passion as well and she serves on the faculty of Sacred Plant Traditions School of Herbal Studies in Charlottesville, VA.

Learn to Meditate and Improve Your Life

Sundays, June 9th, 16th and 23rd

1:00pm - 3:30pm

Cost $80.00 for 3 Part Series

6 CEU's provided for this course

Taught by Joe Charsagua, E-RYT 200, RYT500, YACEP
and American Meditation Society Meditation Teacher
Meditation can help!

An introductory class will be held at
Garden of Zen Yoga Studio to teach basic meditation skills. There will be three sessions
that will focus on how to meditate effortlessly. This is a foundational class for further instruction as well as a stand alone class for beginners.
Meditation training will include learning:
~Basic breath and mantra meditation emphasizing
correct technique
~ Becoming the observer of thoughts
~ Understanding the meditative process

Note: Class will be limited to 10 students

The American Meditation Society (AMS) was founded in 1976 and is a non-sectarian, educational organization. For more information about AMS, please visit our website at www.AmericanMeditationSociety.org

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Five Salutations Workshop

Saturday, August 17th


with Sumeda

Cost $45.00

Yoga is a divine form of attaining fitness and mindfulness. In this salutation class we will learn about the five different salutations to the sun, moon, earth, fire and air.

Sun salutation is a heated or aggressive form of yoga in which we do a cardio burn. With this heat comes relaxation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Sun salutation.

Moon salutation is a cooling or soothing form of yoga which helps in rejuvenation and relaxation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of moon salutations. 

Earth salutations is a form of grounding practice. This low impact form of yoga helps in grounding yourself and coming to reality. However, Fire salutation is a much stronger form of exercise, yet, similar to sun salutation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Earth and Fire salutations.

Finally, the Air salutation or Pranayama is a form of breathing exercise done as a Niyama in attaining constant growth. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Air salutation.Sumeda Madhuri is a RYT200 certified yoga instructor and certified in stress management. Raised in Bangalore, India, she brings the eastern perspective and an authenticity to her yoga. As a scientist and a chemistry teacher by profession, she can attain a good mix of both the western and eastern perspectives of bodily forms. She is also able to get old ideas to the west with her understanding of Sanskrit and Ayurveda. She has experience practicing Hatha and Ashtanga forms of yoga. Come join her for the relaxing and stress relief salutations.

Come join me and learn to do these 5 forms of salutation.

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Mantra to Mindfulness

Saturday, August 10th


with Sumeda

Cost $40.00

Mantra come from the Sanskrit word which means to be a sacred utterance. If you closely hear to the sound of the universe, you can hear a hum. In this workshop lets learn about the 'mantras' of the universe, proper pronunciation, proper tune to use, how to chant them and understand the meaning and merits of chanting these mantras. In this 2-hour journey, we will learn how to chant the ohm, lum, gam, cham, gayatri mantras, surya namaskar mantra, yoga mantra, moon salutation mantra and more. Join me and let’s deepen our bakthi with gamaka (singing) and naamka (chanting).

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Henna/Mandala Workshop

Saturday, August 24th


with Sumeda

Cost $40.00

Mandalas are geometric figures which represents a universe. The universe is made up of energies which combine or transfer between entities. Using science and the understanding of mandalas to a spiritual depth, I welcome you to come join this mandala workshop. Come join to make a mandala using sand and music. 
Sumeda Madhuri is a RYT200 certified yoga instructor born and raised in Bangalore, India. Coming from a traditional Indian family, she has a clear understanding in Sanskrit language. Due to the experience, she can teach the proper pronunciation and the impact of mantras on the mind. She is also a Yogini who practices Sanskrit mantras and Hatha yoga in her daily life.

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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Sunday, July 21st

2:00pm - 4:00pm

with Lee "Atman" 

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Cost $35.00

​Restorative yoga allows your mind and body to completely relax in the asanas (poses) through the use of props. This supportive atmosphere allows the asanas to be held longer by practitioners of all levels without physical discomfort. This workshop will provide an introduction to restorative yoga, complete 90-minute pampering practice, and tips on incorporating techniques into your own practice. Due to the individualized attention required, registration is required to ensure a low student to teacher ratio.

Space is limited to 8 participants please register early!

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