Ageless Beauty Workshop

with Heather Wetzel

Sunday, November 3rd

1:00pm - 3:00pm

What does it mean “beauty comes from within?” Stress and aging bring challenges and manifests in our body as issues with circulation, inflammation, fluid stagnation, and more. The lymphatic system often underlies these issues. The lymph system is critical for the functions of immunity, nourishment, detoxification, and more.
Please join Heather Wetzel RH, Med, MSAP for an afternoon of self-care where we will explore easy, safe, effective and natural health enhancing and age defying techniques for lymphatic system care. It’ll include herbal remedies and Gua Sha facial massage. We’ll focus on the face, head, neck, and upper body. These strategies can improve complexion, skin and muscle tone, fluid balance, mood, and even nerve and brain function. All without the use of toxic drugs, expensive topicals, injections, or surgery!
Cost is $40.00
Please pay directly to Heather's PayPal Account Link Below
or you may sign-up and pay cash or check at the studio.


Friday, October 18th, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm

with Suzanne VanOver, LMT
What is Raindrop Technique?
Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, and more to create a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience. The purpose of the therapy is to bring balance to everybody system, as well as a sense of mental, physical, and emotional alignment through the techniques used.

You do not have to be a massage therapist to take this workshop!
During this immersive, full-day course, you will be learning:
* The systems of the human body
* How the individual oils used in Raindrop support the body systems, physically and emotionally
* The history of Raindrop
* How to perform Raindrop Technique

* one set of twin sheets (that you can dedicate to Raindrop forever)
* Your lunch (if you don't want to venture out during the break)

~ Raindrop and fingernails don't mix. Because of the finger-rolling technique required to perform Raindrop, your nails must be filed down so that the white part barely shows.
~ Raindrop and nail polish don't mix. Please make sure that all nail polish is removed before attending this class. Each person will both give and receive a Raindrop session

Instructor Suzanne VanOver, LMT started her massage career nearly twenty years ago. As a graduate of the Institute of Therapeutic Massage, Suzanne has trained in a variety of modalities, including Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, Hot Stone and Raindrop Technique. Suzanne personally trained with Gary Young, the creator of Raindrop Technique.
Suzanne is a NCBTMB-certified instructor and provides 6 CEUs for attending this class.
Cost $150.00
Payment for this class is made at the link below: (person to person)
Space is limited so please sign up early!

​This workshop is being hosted and held at Inner Peace Wellness, located at

5225 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown, VA. 23692

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Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

7:00pm - 9:30pm

with Joe

Mantra to Mindfulness

Saturday, September 28th


with Sumeda

Cost $40.00

Mantra come from the Sanskrit word which means to be a sacred utterance. If you closely hear to the sound of the universe, you can hear a hum. In this workshop lets learn about the 'mantras' of the universe, proper pronunciation, proper tune to use, how to chant them and understand the meaning and merits of chanting these mantras. In this 2-hour journey, we will learn how to chant the ohm, lum, gam, cham, gayatri mantras, surya namaskar mantra, yoga mantra, moon salutation mantra and more. Join me and let’s deepen our bakthi with gamaka (singing) and naamka (chanting).

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Are you new to yoga? Have you tried doing yoga at home, but aren’t sure if you are doing it correctly? Have you just started taking classes and have some questions? Do you want to experience the many health benefits associated with yoga, but don’t know where to begin? Then, this is the workshop for you. Yoga for Beginners is a 2 ½ hour workshop where students will learn the basics of a yoga practice in a safe, supportive environment. The workshop is for the beginner or the student somewhat new to yoga that wants a deeper introduction. After attending the workshop, students will be properly prepared and feel confident to walk into their first “beginner” or “all-levels” yoga class We will start at the beginning in this workshop by covering the basic principles of yoga. The significance of establishing a breathing practice and connecting that breath to your movement will be explained. We will provide verbal cues, explain common yoga terminology and demonstrate foundational yoga poses. Additionally, we will review different props often used in a yoga practice. Come prepared to have fun and learn something new about yourself. Bring a mat if you have one, we have plenty if you don’t. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and leave your shoes at the studio door.

We Love Beginners!

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Five Salutations Workshop

Saturday, August 17th


with Sumeda

Cost $45.00

Yoga is a divine form of attaining fitness and mindfulness. In this salutation class we will learn about the five different salutations to the sun, moon, earth, fire and air.

Sun salutation is a heated or aggressive form of yoga in which we do a cardio burn. With this heat comes relaxation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Sun salutation.

Moon salutation is a cooling or soothing form of yoga which helps in rejuvenation and relaxation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of moon salutations. 

Earth salutations is a form of grounding practice. This low impact form of yoga helps in grounding yourself and coming to reality. However, Fire salutation is a much stronger form of exercise, yet, similar to sun salutation. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Earth and Fire salutations.

Finally, the Air salutation or Pranayama is a form of breathing exercise done as a Niyama in attaining constant growth. We will also learn about the different forms and mantras of Air salutation.Sumeda Madhuri is a RYT200 certified yoga instructor and certified in stress management. Raised in Bangalore, India, she brings the eastern perspective and an authenticity to her yoga. As a scientist and a chemistry teacher by profession, she can attain a good mix of both the western and eastern perspectives of bodily forms. She is also able to get old ideas to the west with her understanding of Sanskrit and Ayurveda. She has experience practicing Hatha and Ashtanga forms of yoga. Come join her for the relaxing and stress relief salutations.

Come join me and learn to do these 5 forms of salutation.

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This event is for those who aspire to enjoy the fun and vibe of Kirtan and for those who wish to enhance their Yoga practice with chanting and music! Kirtan helps to open the voice and teaches us to love the sound that comes from our bodies.

This is a FREE event!

Joe, a yoga and meditation instructor who also plays the guitar and harmonium, will lead you through an enjoyable evening of Kirtan. No experience is necessary to enjoy the fun of Kirtan.

*What is kirtan?
Originating with the medieval devotional practice known as Bhakti yoga, kirtan is in Indian tradition of call-and-response vocal music, often accompanied by a variety of instruments. Traditional accompaniments include the harmonium and tabla drums. Today, kirtan is still usually sung in Sanskrit.

What are kirtan songs like?

Kirtan songs are simple, repetitive chants. Some can last as long as half as hour. The artist leading the kirtan (the name also refers to the live music event) starts out. Then, the listeners "respond" to his or her "call." Songs often get louder and faster as the chant goes on. Most are based around mantras (sounds, words or phrases believed to have spiritual meaning).

What is the environment at a kirtan concert?
Some Western students might be surprised when they attend a kirtan event. Since each audience member participates in the chanting, distinction between performers and audience is minimal. You sit on the floor (on in a chair if you prefer). Many kirtan-goers contend that the experience of being at an event is like meditation, in that it is intensely peaceful and relaxing.

Going to a kirtan event is a great way to explore meditation from a different perspective. If you are social, love music, or both, this can be a good introduction to it.

*Definition from

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Yoga for Beginners with Maureen

Sunday, September 22, 2019

2:00pm - 4:30pm

​Cost $40.00

Restorative Workshop

Sunday, October 6, 2019

2:00pm - 4:00pm

With Lee

​Cost $35.00

Restorative yoga allows your mind and body to completely relax in the asanas (poses) through the use of props. This supportive atmosphere allows the asanas to be held longer by practitioners of all levels without physical discomfort. This workshop will provide an introduction to restorative yoga, complete 90-minute pampering practice, and tips on incorporating techniques into your own practice. Due to the individualized attention required, registration is required to ensure a low student to teacher ratio.

(This workshop sold out in July...Register early!)

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Henna/Mandala Workshop

Saturday, August 24th


with Sumeda

Cost $40.00

Mandalas are geometric figures which represents a universe. The universe is made up of energies which combine or transfer between entities. Using science and the understanding of mandalas to a spiritual depth, I welcome you to come join this mandala workshop. Come join to make a mandala using sand and music. 
Sumeda Madhuri is a RYT200 certified yoga instructor born and raised in Bangalore, India. Coming from a traditional Indian family, she has a clear understanding in Sanskrit language. Due to the experience, she can teach the proper pronunciation and the impact of mantras on the mind. She is also a Yogini who practices Sanskrit mantras and Hatha yoga in her daily life.

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