Personal Training with Mary 

Personal training is a unique opportunity to sit down with a certified and experienced fitness professional in order to discuss where you are in your current level of ability. Your trainer will work with you in order to set manageable and attainable goals, and will guide you every step of the way towards where you would like to be. 

Who Would Benefit from Personal Training?

No matter your current level of ability and desired goals, you will work one on one with your personal trainer following a safe, progressive exercise program tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether you desire to lose weight and develop muscle tone, improve cardiovascular fitness and gain increased stamina and energy to do the things you love, or even just to work with an experienced exercise professional in order to enhance performance and take you to the next level – personal training is for you! 

What Can I Expect During a Personal Training Session?

Personal training sessions generally last 60 minutes and will always begin with an appropriate warm-up, followed by your specific exercise regimen, and end with an appropriate cool-down. The initial personal training session requires 75 minutes in order to meet with your trainer for a health history consultation, as well as any necessary fitness assessments. The initial assessments serve as baseline information that will be used for reference to track your progress, and follow-up assessments will periodically be performed.

Mary Snyder

B.S. Exercise Science, ACE, AFPA, YogaFit,

Chakra Yoga Therapy, FirstLine Therapy Certified Lifestyle Educator, TRX, R.I.P.P.E.D., and MadDogg, Bootybarre Certified


1 Session - 30 Minutes $37.00

3 Sessions- 30 Minutes package   $97.00

 1 Session- 60 Minute package   $75.00

​6 Sessions-  60 Minute package    $333.00

10 Sessions-  60 Minute package    $520.00​

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Personal Training