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Vinyasa I - (Beginner friendly)

The Sanskrit word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” Vinyasa Yoga flows through each series of poses in a fluid motion lead by the breath. By applying a more internal, energetic approach to the practice, students will learn how to move through a series of poses with more intelligence, awareness and ease. The purpose of Vinyasa is to create heat in the body, which leads to purification of the body.  This is a level one class, appropriate for beginners to advanced.

Gentle Vinyasa All-Levels:

​ This All-Levels Vinyasa class spends extra time on stress-relief, releasing tension in the body, and improving flexibility. Expect to enjoy restorative poses mixed in with the flow and find yourself refreshed as you move into the weekend. This class aims to shake off the work week in a gentle, relaxing way that is enjoyable for beginner and seasoned yogis alike!

Power Vinyasa All-Levels:

 This Power Vinyasa class focuses on improving strength in a safe way for all-levels of yogis, offering multiple variations of each pose so individuals can choose what is best for their bodies each class. A full-body warm up is followed by a sun salutation based flow that will vary from week to week. If you are especially looking to strengthen your core and upper body, this class is for you!

Vinyasa – All Levels

Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, Vinyasa – All Levels is for everyone.  This class links body movement with breath and emphasizes strengthening the core.  Pose modifications and challenges are offered to fit the participant’s experience level.  Starting slowly with warm up stretches, the music takes you to a progressively higher energy level about midway into the class and concludes with a relaxation period.  Some benefits for you are improved posture, flexibility, balance, and strength as well as calming of your mind and lessening of stress!   

Senior Stretch (SilverSneakers Class)
SilverSneakers FLEX classes are available at Garden of Zen Yoga Studio at no additional cost for SilverSneakers members. For non-SilverSneakers members: Regular class passes, Chair Class passes  and Memberships can be used. Senior stretch is a class that provides flexibility and increase range of motion for the entire body. The instructor will focus on all major muscle groups with a variety of different types of stretch techniques. The goal is for your body to feel better, prevent injury, and increase range of motion. For more information and to check your availability go to SilverSneakers website https://www.silversneakers.com

Gentle Yoga Healing - (Beginner Friendly)

This gentle yoga class is designed specifically for those recovering from illness or surgery, those whose lives have been touched by cancer, and other health considerations. As stress is a major contributor to a compromised immune system, this class guides students on a path towards greater relaxation, increased energy and strength, as well as offering a comfortable, safe space for healing and renewal. Students will grow a deeper reconnection with the mind, body, and spirit while developing greater body awareness, that benefits students on and off of the mat, for an enhanced quality of life and sense of well-being.


Gentle Chair Yoga - (Beginner friendly)

Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible to people who lack the mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions.  While seated on chairs, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends.
Many of the basic body mechanics of the individual postures are retained, no matter the stance of the practitioner.  The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to work the joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation.  It goes beyond typical exercises in that it encourages quiet reflection, proper breathing, reduction of stress and a sense of well-being.
The benefits of this practice are remarkable. Students report reduced blood pressure, faster recovery from injury or surgery, better sleep, increased mobility and improved posture.

Destress Deep Stretch
Destress Deep Stretch Yoga, a blend of Yin and Restorative Yoga, primarily involves floor poses, typically held for 3 to five minutes, and are designed to allow you to stretch muscles and joints while accessing the deeper layers offascia – the body’s connective tissue that allows our body to function as a unit.  The class is designed to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing circulation, flexibility and joint mobility.  Finding yourself in poses as you meet your own, “edge”, using props and support as needed, brings a stillness and calm to the mind and body that encourages a deeper awareness of the body and the breath as you practice - and ensures an excellent night sleep after the practice.  The class is appropriate for beginners new to yoga, as well as to advanced
practitioners of all levels and abilities. 

Bhakti Flow Yoga

Bhakti Flow - Yoga for expanding your awareness and personal growth! Bhakti Yoga, a term used to describe the yoga of love and devotion, is a natural extension of the yoga experience. In yoga, we become inwardly focused on our breath and body as we practice various yoga poses, and in the process, we discover a deeper realization of our natural existence. Bhakti Flow leverages your yoga practice to explore your essence of being and help you learn about yourself. In the process, our awareness of who we are expands leading to personal growth. In Bhakti Flow, we center our being, practice yoga poses in a flow style and blend meditation and chanting to extend our awareness our yoga practice provides. Enjoy a Bkakti Flow class and experience your yoga becoming more! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Gentle Yoga - (Beginner friendly)

Based on the yoga principle of using the breath to calm the mind and relax the muscles, this class will focus on poses that stretch, strengthen, and tone while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles.  Students will explore basic flow poses to increase balance and energy, while opening hips, shoulders, back and legs.  Each class will include deep relaxation and visualization techniques to enhance the mind/body connection to focus and discipline the mind.   The slower, gentler pace is easy enough for beginners, and great for everyone who wants/needs to slow down a bit.  This class is for all levels wanting to enjoy the basics of yoga to find their centering energy and self.

​​Cardio Barre (All-Levels)

Cardio Barre is an energizing fusion of Dance, Pilates and Yoga. You will notice immediately the increase in total body, core strength and stabilizing muscles, as well as newfound stamina! Join us for this total body-sculpting class that is open to all levels and abilities - no dance experience needed!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a profoundly meditative yet dynamic Taoist practice of yoga, emphasizing our quieter moon energy. It consists of long-held relaxed floor postures that seek to stretch, stimulate and create fluidity in the deep connective tissues, fascia, tendons and ligaments. It is often called "yoga for the joints, not the muscles."
A Yin Yoga practice increases flexibility and range of motion. It encourages a healthy flow of life force in the body. A deeper experience unfolds in body, heart and mind.
I discovered Yin Yoga during our 2009 family Christmas vacation in Vermont and I never looked back. As soon as I came home, I wanted to share this amazing mindful practice with my community. I’m excited to have you join us for a perfect end to your week with a Yin class on Fridays at 4:30pm.

Yoga is for Everyone

​"This unique and gentle yoga class offers 60 minute flows that can be done from a chair or on the mat! Yogis on the mat and in chairs practice side by side while enjoying gentle stretching, stress relief, core work and more. Prepared to leave de-stressed and refreshed!"

Yin-Yang Yoga Flow
Yin-Yang Yoga Flow combines Yin yoga with a gentle flow practice. 
The Yin portion of this class is a gentle and meditative practice that promotes relaxation and acceptance of ourselves just as we are. Through mindful stretching, Yin Yoga maintains the health of the connective tissue and encourages free flow of energy in the body. Poses are held for longer periods of time (generally 3-5 minutes) and awareness is brought to sensations in the body. 
 The Yang portion of this class allows integration of this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment with a short, gentle vinyasa flow. 
  This class is suitable for all levels.

Yoga Nidra

Come for divine rest and a nurturing experience. 
Yoga Nidra Meditation is an experience of heightened awareness used for relaxation and deep rest. Yoga Nidra is based on ancient teachings of meditation. Helps with insomnia, stress reduction, anxiety, PTSD, and other related issues. It is a guided meditation of self-inquiry. 
This deep meditation is open to everyone. There is no movement involved.

Private Classes
You will work one on one with your yoga instructor to improve posture and flexibility, correct muscular imbalances and alignment, build strength and balance, and even decrease tension through developing body awareness and relaxation techniques. Benefits of a private yoga lesson include the specific asanas or poses  tailored to your individual needs, on-going instruction and encouragement during your session and regular communication with your instructor, as well as elimination of feelings of intimidation during your practice. 
Who Would Benefit from Private Yoga Lessons? 
Generally speaking, anyone and everyone would benefit from a private yoga lesson! Individuals that might be taking care of old or new injuries that might require one on one attention due to limitations, and those recovering from illness or serious health conditions might also consider this option. Additionally, even physically-active individuals that want to cross train for their specific sport or hobby would benefit from private lessons, allowing the session to target sport-specific muscles and goals.

FREE Karma Class

Stress is inescapable, and is a part of everyone’s life; however, chronic stress can threaten your well-being. 
Yoga can help you learn to respond to stressors with the right blend of inner fire and inner calm.

This practice will help you deal with:
~Loss or Grief 
~Relationship issues
~Workplace burnout
~Financial challenges
~Daily hassles
The instructor rotates each Sunday for this class-
Sample classes:
Gentle Yoga Class with emphasis on stress relief
Walking Meditation Class
Meditation Class
Aromatherapy Class
and more similar class topics...

"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind" __Patañjali

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